This Grimm was created by JayHart.

Overview Edit

Warg, or Worg

Classification Edit

Wolf Grimm

Threat Ranking Edit

C to A

Appearance Edit

Wargs have the basic physical of the common grey wolf (Canis lupus, also called the timber wolf or western wolf), but bear the coloring and armor typical of most Grimm. Their eyes are crimson, and shine brightly in the moonlight. They are Armored with white and red plating on the face, back, and chest, and the males have white bone spikes along their spine.

Ability Edit

Strengths Edit

Wargs are difficult to take in a direct assault due to their armoring and evasiveness, and attempts to do so often end with scratches from the spines along their back.  They are near tireless, and can run for many miles without pause.

Wounds caused by Wargs have been known to have a far greater chance of becoming infected.

Weaknesses Edit

Wargs have no armouring on their stomach or throat, and fear fire, as they are easily set alight.  If isolated from their pack, they may become demoralized, and do not typically attack if they see the odds turning against them. 

Variations Edit

Alpha Wargs Edit

Alpha Wargs often have more armor and greater intelligence than others, showing leadership abilities often displayed by other Alpha variant Grimm.  When a pack is accompanied by an Alpha Warg, it can easily raise its threat level to A.

Greater Wargs Edit

Greater Wargs, more commonly called Dire Wargs, are larger, and often sport additional armoring and a spike at the end of their tail Though they lack a good portion of the natural coordination shown by their standard brethren, they make up for it with vastly increased strength and speed.

Combat Edit

With their ability to communicate over distance in similar fashion to Beowulves, a lone hunter may find themselves surrounded before they have time to react.  Unlike their lesser bipedal cousins, Wargs truly hunt as a pack, isolating weaker targets and exhausting stronger ones, being careful until they gauge the target to be weak enough. 

Standard techniques used to combat Worgs include baiting them to attack and striking at the throat or stomach, using Burn Dust, or simply deterring them with fire. 

Notes Edit Edit

  • Wargs were created largely out of a desire for wolf-Grimm that actually behave like wolves.
  • Partially inspired by the Wargs from Tolkien’s Middle Earth.
  • These Grimm are available to use for anyone who gives credit where credit is due. =)