This Semblance belongs to JayHart's OC, Kaltis Wahrsucher.

Wahre Seher Edit

  • User(s): Kaltis Wahrsucher
  • Short description: When active, the semblance allows Kaltis to read the targets body language with frightening precision.
  • Visual effect: The user's eyes appear to shine more than normal, almost as though they are glowing (but not quite). It is not immediately noticeable. Long-term use causes what looks like sparks of Aura to fly across the surface of his eyes.
  • General limitations: Cannot be used retroactively. Does work on recordings, but only if there is video (not on voice alone). Works best (most quickly and most accurately) with eye-contact. Fairly low Aura drain. Not entirely fool-proof, as someone who has trained for years to get around such things will be able to fool him if they can avoid longer periods of eye contact.
  • Usage: Kaltis uses his semblance to tell whether or not people are telling him the truth when he is on his journalism assignments. He also uses it in combat to predict enemy movements, though with less accuracy.