This weapon belongs to JayHart's OC, Mauve Brennie.

Valorous Will Edit

  • Wielder: Mauve Brennie
  • Maker: Mauve Brennie
  • Type: Dual Dust Dispensing Shield Cestus (Dual DDSC)
  • Form 1: A pair of Cestus with a square metal shield-plate on the outside of each weapon extending just past the wrist and to the end of the barrel. The plates are strapped to the lower forearm above the wrist for added support. The plates are capable of expanding into smallish rectangular shields, reaching back to the elbow and growing wider. A tube along the inside of the metal plate holds Dust, which can be dispensed in controlled amounts at the press of a trigger located for thumb-grip inside each of the cestus. Each tube can contain only one type of Dust.
  • Form 2: A pair of shield-gauntlets allowing for open-hand use and combat, without Dust use available.
  • Holstered/Sheathed Appearance: Hangs at her waist from her hips.
  • Features/Capabilities: Like all handheld weapons, they are capable of being reinforced by Aura. Able to switch between forms very quickly.
  • Ammunition: Powdered Dust of varying types (only one per weapon at a time). Most frequently seen with Earth (stone?) Dust in one and Ice Dust in the other.
  • Usage: Used in close combat for short-range with martial-arts combinations based on Wing Chun and the Keysi Method. Also used to channel Dust, typically of Earth and/or Ice, often into walls to keep opponents focused on her and off-balance. Sometimes used with Burn Dust to amplify cestus strikes and add fire damage, but not often, as this vastly increases the time that must be spent maintaining the weapons.
  • Planned/Possible Upgrades: None planned.
  • Notes: Altered to make Mauve my first Dust-using character.