The Sterling Family Circus is a completely family run operation that tours around Vale and recently started touring the outerlands as well. Does a side business in trade.

Backstory Edit

It all started when a father lost his job in the navy and was wondering where he could find another one. Eventually, the family needed the move to Vale from Atlas because of how bad their finances were. Then as he watched his ten sons at play on the ship one day, he saw potential. One thing led to another and they grew into a first-class circus, traveling around their new continent of Vale , performing for thunderous crowds and at paid events.

The Inner-Workings Edit

Not everyone has the fun role. The elders with full mental capacity become the circus council, administrators figuring out finances and schedules as well as being teachers of the youngest ones about how to read, write, and the other basics. The other elders are forced to retire for their own good. Some of the less skilled young adults became animal caretakers, janitors, blacksmiths, and on the road farmers. The youngest kids are allowed their fun time before they became old enough to be apprenticed into one of the various skills of the circus from clowning to acrobatics to elephant dung shoveling, with the stipulation being that if their chosen field turned out not to be their fit, their parents would decide a better career for them. Now that some of the family have at least recieved Hunter training, the Hunters are also within the this career pool that can be chosen from, those these after-generations are expected to stay on since theoretically(according to the council), being thoroughly trained by a professional Hunter should be the same as a Beacon education.

Current/Previous Members Edit

  • Captain Georg Sterling (founder/deceased)
  • Maria Sterling (founder's wife/deceased)
  • Pearl Sterling
  • Fernando Dubhan Sterling

Trivia Edit

  • Inspired by the Von Trapp Family Singers.
  • All those directly related to the main Sterling families have a silver lining to their aura when it's unlocked.