Put Lapis in charge, he's the one least likely to get them all killed.

Team Lazurite is a Shade Academy lead by Lapis Honu. With a reputation for causing trouble on campus and never working as a cohesive unit during training excercises. While none of them is particularly versed in teamwork, no member will allow harm to come to an ally, with the extent of collaboration being switch opponents to better much ability sets.

Team LZRT Edit

Three friends and a stranger sums them up nicely, however it can be hard to tell at times given the amount of petty infighting they generate. The laid back Lapis Honu is in command, with Zal Mano his carnivorous partner, Kanika Rutto a pocket sized force of nature, and Tyson Terrell the glory hounding circus star.

Members Edit

Lapis Honu

Zal Mano

Kanika Rutto

Tyson Terrell Jr.

Teamwork Edit

There really isn't any. Like, at all. They have no capacity for coordinated fighting and use incompatible styles all geared for fighting head-on with several opponents. At best, the members of LZRT are plenty capable of staying out of friendly fire range.

Duty Edit

LZRT can often be found capturing creatures of grimm for demonstrations in certain classes, while Kanika specifically often ventures into the city seeking to pick fights with criminals and collect police issued bounties.

Trivia Edit

The members of team LZRT are based on sea animals

  • Lapis is a sea turtle
  • Zal is a great white shark
  • Kanika is a mantis shrimp
  • Tyson is a stingray

CNR Edit

Lazurite is a blue mineral used to make ultramarine dye