This Semblance belongs to JayHart's OC, Celeste Burne.

 Soul MenderEdit

  • User: Celeste Burne
  • Short Description: Allows rapid (near-instant) healing of others' injuries.
  • Visual Effect: Appearance of channeling liquid Aura into the wound.
  • Details: The semblance works by directly channeling Celeste's Aura through the target's own Aura and into the wounded area in the form of "water", simultaneously cleaning the wound (cleansing any poisons, infections, and dirt) and sealing it, hastening the healing process drastically. With time to focus, can be used to completely heal even deep, potentially fatal wounds. It is more effective on people she is on good terms with, as their Aura's become more "familiar" with each other.
  • Limitations: Though it takes less Aura than it would for the injured person to heal themselves, the drain is still significant, becoming greater the more grave the injury is (healing a near-fatality will drain nearly all the user's Aura). Due to the nature of the semblance, it cannot be applied to the user. Cannot be applied to absolutely fatal wounds (that is, if the user's Aura is already used up trying to repair it) or the dead.