This weapon belongs to JayHart's OC, Celeste Burne.

Silver Artemis Edit

  • Wielder: Celeste Burne
  • Maker/Smith: Store-bought; Custom-ordered.
  • Type: Collapsible High-Tensile/Compressive Compound Bow (CHCB)
  • Weapon Derivation: The Artemis relic weapon for Bards in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR.
  • Form: A silver-coloured compound bow with joints above and below the grip. While simple at first glance, further inspection reveals custom engraved patterns in the silver that resemble flowing water, and a removable panel is hidden in the grip, the purpose for which is yet unrevealed.
  • Holstered/Sheathed Appearance: The upper and lower branches collapse inward toward the grip, allowing it to be holstered at the back.
  • Features/Capabilities: Accompanied by a quiver containing a large number of normal arrows and a variety of special arrows, including grapple/rope arrows and various Dust-loaded arrows.
  • Usage: Standard combat use for a bow; also capable of use in close-combat for blunt attacks.
  • Ammunition: Arrows, various standard heads (in order of most to fewest: bladed, bodkin, blunt, pronged). Grapple arrows, normally 2. Dust arrows: use Cut Dust heads: Water, Frost, Burn, Electric.
  • Planned/Possible Upgrades: Possibility for new types of arrows, adjustments to draw strength, and/or the addition of a sight.