This semblance belongs to JayHart's OC, Argo Cident.

Rush Edit

  • User: Argo Cident
  • Visual Effect: Surrounds the user in grey smoke for the duration, making it harder to pinpoint their movements.
  • Ability: Grants a powerful surge to physical and mental ability, functioning like a boosted rush of adrenaline, allowing for faster and stronger movements and greater focus for the duration. The rush lasts for as long as the user keeps it active, draining Aura at a steadily increasing rate.
  • Limitations: Due to its increasing Aura drain, the semblance cannot be upheld for extended times, and is best used in short bursts. A proportionate amount of time must be taken between uses, or the cost will continue to increase ("cooldown" time). Extensive use can cause severe muscle fatigue, strain, or tearing, as well as heavy mental fatigue. Aura cost doubles after roughly two minutes, increasing exponentially as time goes on. The semblance will ideally go unused for about 1.5x the amount of time it was used before the cost is back to normal.
  • (Cost Clarification for RPG style use: use for 2 minutes = -5% aura. Use for 4 min = -10 %. 6 min = -20%. 8 min = -40%. 10 min = -80%. Longer = unable. Rest for 3 min at 10 min mark? Back to -40%.)
  • Notes: Named for the fourth stage of a wolf's hunting pattern: 1. Locate 2. Stalk 3. Encounter 4. Rush 5. Chase
  • Growth Potential: Greater bonuses; sustainment over longer periods of time.