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Basic Info Edit

  • Name: Rowan Silva
  • CNR: Rowan is another name for the European mountain ash, Sorbus aucuparia, known for its clusters of bright red berries. It also means "little redhead".
  • Species: Human; part swan-Faunus.
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol:
  • Handedness: Right
  • Physical Traits:
  • Misc. Traits: medium callouses on the fingertips of his left hand
  • Occupation: Huntsman-in-training

Appearance Edit

  • Aura/Effects: Fluctuates between read and silver; mostly red.
  • Height: 5'10.5"
  • Weight: ~185 lb
  • Eyes: Grey mixed with auburn
  • Skin Colour: pale
  • Face: Surprisingly effeminate; flawless skin
  • Hair: Long and golden-red; keeps it in a ponytail unless playing music/fighting.
  • Physique: Lean and wiry

Outfits Edit

Usual Edit

Rowan's standard outfit is entirely custom-tailored, consisting of black dress shoes (real leather, of course), black slacks (always pressed), a long-sleeve white shirt with black tie (with silver tie clip), and a silky black vest bearing his family's crest on the left breast. His cufflinks are polished steel, and the buttons are unadorned.

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Characteristics Edit

Background Edit

Rowan was born to a fairly well-off family-run compant (Silva Arms and Instruments, Co) that has worked with the SDC for many years. All of his equipment was made by his parents' company, and all of his Dust comes straight from SDC outlets as a result.

From an early age, Rowan showed remarkable musical talent. He is fairly skilled with the piano, and can sing quite well, but his true skill lies with the violin. He started playing it at the age of seven, and was participating in concerts and private shows by the time he was eleven. Cerise Sangestre's arrival on the scene when he was eleven sparked no small amount of jealousy in the young boy, but it quickly turned into attraction, and eventually something akin to obsession for her singing. In his tweens, he tried quite hard to win the girl over - until Mauve Brennie beat the tar out of him one night. After that, they became good friends, though they grew distant for quite a while following the kidnapping event and murder of the girls' father.

Still a bit jealous of the two girls' attention, Rowan began combat training in an attempt to garner their favour, and though it seemed to have no effect, he persisted in it to become an excellent fencer. Eventually, he had the idea to combine the two things he excelled most at when his semblance manifested, and designed and commissioned his weapon using SAI and SDC parts.

Several years later, he made it into Beacon a year behind Cerise, much to his frustration - she had gotten in early, and he had not. Still, it provided an excellent chance to rekindle their old friendship, he thought, and maybe stoke it into something more.

Personality Edit

Though he seems like a pompous ass at first, Rowan is actually a kind and caring person - he just cares more about appearance and reputation than showing his true feelings. He can be overly bold at times, which gets him into trouble, but he usually has the skill he needs to get out of it on his own. Rowan also has an unfortunate habit of thinking everyone knows who he is and respects him; this is a result of his upbringing and his repute and skill as a musician more than anything else, but his arrogance can put people off quite quickly.

Contrary to sense, he keeps his hair in a ponytail until he gets in a fight or starts playing music - he claims it gives him a headache if he keeps it up while doing either of these things. He sometimes uses his hair to distract opponents in battle, though he typically reserves the trick for a coup-de-gras, as he cares for it too much to risk it.

He is quite vain, but ultimately enjoys helping people. Despite his tendency toward womanizing, he would never act aggressively toward a potential prospect under his own will, believing in a strict code of chivalry. He quite strongly resents any implications that his parents' company works under the SDC, despite how true it seems to be - rather, he insists that they are an independent organization.

Rowan is very feminine when caught by surprise, often shrieking in a 'girly' manner, and fawns over beautiful or cute things. He is primarily a Graceful Academic, using wits, money, and slights-of-words rather than his prowess with combat to get his way wherever possible. When he fails to get what he wants, he typically turns quite shy and submissive, and is prone to stumbling on words in one-on-one situations.

Weapons Edit

  • Name: Crimson Sonnet
  • Type: Dust-Augmented Combat Violin (DACV)
  • Short Description: A reinforced rosewood violin with Dust-dispenser hooked up and a blade on the back of the crimson-coloured bow.
  • Holstered/Sheathed Appearance: Carried in a portable case across the back or by hand.

Semblance Edit

  • Name: Summoning Sonata
  • Short Description: Allows the creation and control of Aura constructs. Can be activated without music, but grants major bonuses while playing. Music grants a bonus to Dust manipulation.
  • Visual Effect: Music notes dance between the user and the construct. The construct is summoned via a glyph with notes on it.

Combat Info Edit

  • Class/Position: Red Mage/Summoner
  • Landing Strategy: Either use Dust to land safely, or summon something to catch him.
  • Fighting Style: Andante movements while summoning or casting (steady and graceful); staccato (quick and sharp) when in close-combat. His fighting movements are very similar to dancing, though he becomes hard to keep up with when up close due to his speed.

Statistics Edit

Note that statistics will be quantified using a scale of E- to A+, with S being used for maximum skill possible (variants S-, S+, and S++), and F being used for no related knowledge.

  • Strength: D
  • Agility: A
  • Aura Reserve: B+
  • Aura Manipulation: C
  • Dust Manipulation: A
  • Dust Use: B
  • Weapon Skill (custom/fencing): A
  • Weapon Skill (other): D

Relationships Edit