I have been working with dust my entire life, but I can honestly say; no fucking clue what makes it tick.
— Rost Smith
Rost Smith





Magier Brudder, Magier Faust


MaleIcon Male




pants, long sleeve shirt, ankle length military style jacket. custom boots




lightly scarred





Hair Color

bright blonde

Eye Color

deep blue



Professional Status

Signal Academy



Previous Team


Previous Partner(s)

Rouge Waldgrun

Personal Status



Unnamed parents

Background Edit

Rost's parents were scientists for the Schnee dust company, contracted to the Atlesian military. When his mother became pregnant, they moved to Vale to get away from the war machine and raise their child in a more peaceful environment.

Since his parents run a dust shop, he had a steady stream of books and magazines to read on the subjects of hunters and weapons, as well as plenty of customers to question incessantly. As soon as he was old enough, he demanded his parents enroll him in combat school, which they gladly did. It was during his first day at Beacon that he met Lila, Grey, and Rouge, becoming fast friends with Lila and Grey, while Rouge tended to scowl at the rest of them constantly, trying to drag her brother away whenever she got the chance.

During initiation, he teamed up with Rouge and became a member of team RSLG. In more recent years, he has become the primary role-model and surrogate father of boy by the name of Kalte Blau, after the boys parents died on a mission which he was a part of.

As a teacher at Signal Academy, he teaches Advanced Dust usage as an optional course, including how to synthesize custom blends from the primary elements.

Personality Edit

Very much the intellectual, Rost prefers reading to fighting and pursued a career as a hunter to learn more about the world outside the kingdoms. As a scholarly type, Rost puts a lot of emphasis on teaching the new generation of huntsman. One of his hobbies is experimenting with dust, and his home has a full lab.

Appearance Edit

Tall and broadly muscular, keeps his short blonde hair slicked back at most times.

His primary outfit consists of Dark blue pants, a long sleeve shirt, and an ankle length blue millitary style jacket, while he wears boots with shock absorbing supports built into them for combat usage.

While teaching he wears casual work wear, black slacks, a white dress shirt, and a tie (the pattern of which varies day-to-day)

Skills and Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Name: Magier Brudder
  • Wielder: Rost Smith
  • Type: Multi Function Dust Staff (MFDS)
  • Short Description: a sturdy spear with a dust channeling system, able to transform into a short sword.
  • Name: Magier Faust
  • Type: Dust Augmented War Gauntlet
  • Weapon Derivation: a custom item a DnD character had
  • Form 1: Gauntlet equipped with a dust storage and channeling system, can blend dust in small quantities to make new types in the field
  • Dust Capacity: four basic types, plus force, gravity, and protect. Stored around the forearm in armor plated capsules
  • Usage: Supplementary tool, primary weapon is Magier Brudder, a spear.
  • Planned/Possible Upgrades: increase dust capacity, streamline design
  • Notes: Magier Faust translates to mage fist in German

Semblance Edit

  • Name: Scribe
  • User: Rost Smith
  • Short Description: user can manifest their aura as an ink-like substance that allows them to write on virtually any surface. Can manifest metaphysical properties of dust.
  • Visual effect: glowing blue ink appears and injects itself into the surface

Statistics Edit

  • Strength: 2
  • Agility: 2
  • Aura reserve: 3
  • Aura manipulation: 3
  • Dust Manipulation: 3
  • Dust use: 3
  • Weapon Skill (Primary): 3
  • Weapon Skill (General): 1

Trivia Edit

For a good visual of his outfit, think the military uniforms from FMA.