Nimbus Investigations is a company in Vale owned and operated by Jet and Cloud Nimbus. They are a private investigation and bounty hunting business, known for being hired on contract work by the city of Vale.

Location Edit

Their office is in down town Vale, in a back alley of the market district. In spite of the rather suspicious placement they are a respected business and have several full time employees, including clerical staff and subordinate investigators, eyes on the street

Primarily work for private individuals running background checks and surveillance, they also regularly pick up bounties and mission work issued by the kingdom. It is not unheard of for Nimbus Investigations to outsource work to Beacon Academy students looking for extra lien.

History Edit

Nimbus Investigations was founded by the Nimbus siblings 18 years before team RWBY started at Beacon partly as a hobby and partly to provide additional income during periods where their is an unsatisfactory mission load. As word of their high quality investigative work spread, they began to hire extra hands to cover foot work, allowing them more free time and expanding the business further. Over the next two decades they continuously grew, going from a hole in the wall private business to a wide spread private contracting agency.

In recent years Jet and Cloud have begun to work hands off, allowing the company to run autonomously around them and deploying themselves only for high profile work, such as when they are hired by the council or when bringing in high paying bounties.

Notable Members Edit

  • Jet Nimbus, one of the two founders and the elder sibling. Manages accounting work and research staff
  • Cloud Nimbus, the other founder and younger sibling. Manages field agents and contact network.