This weapon belongs to JayHart's OC, Ash Westwind.

Leonidus' Cross Edit

  • Wielder: Ash Westwind
  • Maker/Smith: Ash Westwind, from various purchased parts.
  • Type: Semi-Automatic Marksman Naginata (SAMN)
  • Weapon Derivation: SR-25 rifle used by Navy Seals; a bladed staff; Crescent Rose.
  • Form 1: Modified gas-operated semi-automatic Sniper rifle with attachable bi-pod. Iron sights pop-up by default, but Ash usually attaches a 20-inch variable scope with glare-guard. Transforms with the application of pressure to two buttons on the stock and receiver. Approx. 3.6 feet long. A suppressor that makes up part of the staff can fit into place with little outside influence for easy use.
  • Form 2: Uses folding-frame technology to shift into a six-foot-long metal staff.
  • Form 3: The sniper form uses folding-frame tech to achieve a shorter barrel and stock for easier transport or use in tight areas, effectively making it a Special Purpose Carbine (shorter variant of a SPR). The pop-up iron sights can be deployed for close use.
  • Holstered/Sheathed Appearance: Normally slung across the back in its shorter form with scope and bi-pod removed, but it can be further collapsed into a travel-friendly form if the stock is collapsed and the scope removed.
  • Features/Capabilities: Leonidus’ Cross is capable of being fired in staff mode. The weapon can easily handle most types of Dust rounds of the appropriate caliber. While it fires faster than other similar rifles, the weapon packs less of a punch than its higher caliber cousins, requiring greater accuracy to take down targets. The blade from the staff forms a bayonet on the end of the rifle, or detaches completely for storage.
  • Usage: Ash prefers to use his semblance to get to a high place and snipe, as he focuses more on defense and crowd-control with the bladed staff form. He will sometimes use Dust-augmented rounds for greater impact or faster bullet travel speed. He only uses the second or third forms in training or in tight situations.
  • Ammunition: Uses 20-round .308 magazines. Dust-round capable; Ash uses Dust-loaded rounds in combination with his semblance.
  • Planned/Possible Upgrades: Possibility for raising the usable caliber of bullets, though this may cause problems for the staff form's folding tech.
  • Notes: Don't ask about the name. Seriously, don't.