Team LILC is a former team from Beacon Academy, it was lead by Lalli Lahti prior to being dissolved after graduation.

Team LILaC Edit

A team comprised of the tactical brawler Lalli Lahti, the druid-like Umuthi Iqhawe, master infiltrator Arevik Lusashogh, and gun-slinging Cloud Nimbus

Members Edit

Lalli Lahti A hand to hand combatant and the leader of the team, quick to anger, ready and able to back it.

Umuthi Iqhawe With control over plants and questionable combat skills, flourished more as a defender and a supporter

Arevik Lusashogh Specialized in remaining undetected and never seen without at least a dozen knives on her person, able to blend into any crowd with minimal effort

Cloud Nimbus A gun slinging party girl, quick on her feet and good at chaining attacks

Establishment Edit

During initiation into Beacon Academy Lalli was partnered to Cloud while Arevik and Umuthi were the other pair. Lalli was appointed team leader because of her extensive combat training and natural presence

Combat Tactics Edit

Lalli is a close quarters fighter, carrying enough physical might to handle many heavier foes one at a time

Umuthi's specialty is using the environment, creating living barriers from the plants around him or entangling foes with jagged vines

Arevik strikes from the shadows, cloaked in black and armed to the teeth with hidden blades. Highly effective against unarmored foes, not so much the larger grimm

Lalli uses specialized rivet pistols, delivering a drill tipped armor piercing round loaded with a secondary wireless explosive charge that can be detonated in a chain with other deployed shots

Teamwork Edit

While they did not get along well, the team worked together fairly fluidly in combat, putting the mission first.

Lalli and Umuthi combine entangling spikes with explosive aural strikes to take down armored foes.

Arevik and Lalli work in unison, with Arevik drawing attention Lalli disabling foes.

Lalli and Cloud cooperate to deliver debilitating blows in rapid succession to take down even the heaviest grimm.

Duties Edit

Most often took infiltration missions within criminal groups, using Arevik as a plant while the others coordinate strikes against them, with occasional seek and destroy missions outside the walls

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