A lot of huntresses leave when the danger is gone, but that's just the start for my work.
— Kapree
Kapree Corin





dust bangles


FemaleIcon Female




full skirt, loose tunic, flat sandals.


large number of assorted bangles









Hair Color


Eye Color

metallic yellow



Professional Status


Previous Affiliation(s)

Shade Academy


Huntress, trauma counselor

Personal Status



Mosa Sauros (uncle)

Kapree Corin is a huntress living in Vacuo and the niece of Mosa Sauros. She is a former student of Shade Academy and possesses a doctorate in psychology, specialized in grief and trauma counseling.

Background Edit

Kapree is from a simple family, mostly blue collar workers; her father being a construction worker and her mother a teacher. Her uncle, however, is a huntsman. While her parents worked Mosa Sauros was out fighting the darkness of the world and bringing home tales of wonder to his beloved niece; it is these tales of heroism that she has always aspired to. From a young age Kapree knew she would one day become a huntress, learning basic principles of combat from her uncle for much of her youth before enrolling at Oasis, a popular combat school just outside Vacuo city. It was at Oasis that she began studying the deeper meanings and goals of a huntress; the mission was always to protect, destroy or neutralize whatever evil thing threatened the people of Remnant. The girl was disappointed to learn that most huntsman simply leave behind those who they helped after dealing with the threat, and she saw a fatal flaw in that method. While the threat was no longer present, the people would be heartbroken; loss of loved ones, destruction of homes, or simply the pain of having been face to face with death. This negativity would only draw more grimm to their doorstep.

It was from this realization that Kapree Corin chose her true path; no simple huntress, she would linger where she fought to help those affected. It was not long after that her aura was unlocked and her semblance manifested; a shield to protect those around her, and she set her course for the future. Beginning an intense course of study on psychology which  followed her throughout her entire time at Oasis and into Shade Academy,

Personality Edit

Kapree has always valued the idea of helping others above all else. Her entire life has been towards the goal of becoming a huntress and aiding those who cannot defend themselves. This outlook means she is a very kind, nurturing woman. She rarely argues, instead doing her best to reach a compromise. She sincerely believes that humans and faunus are inherently good, and that it is the world around a person which causes them to turn to the darkness.

Appearance Edit

Keeps her hair long and loose, while she has a pair of small curled horns on the sides of her head. Wears very casual clothing, specifically a light blue ankle length full skirt. A loose and flowing white tunic with short sleeves, one of which is hanging off the shoulder. A pair of light colored flat sandals, and a small collection of different styled bangles on each wrist that jingle when she walks, with more on her right wrist then on her left.

Skills and Equipment Edit

Weapon Edit

  • Name: Aurea Custodiam
  • Wielder: Kapree Corin
  • Maker/Smith: Kapree Corin
  • Type: Multi Elemental Dust Bangles (MEDB)
  • Weapon Derivation: bangles, magic jewelry
  • Design: a large collection of bangles in various materials and patterns, with assorted dust crystals set into them. Gold is the dominant material in the collection.
  • Holstered/Inactive Form: worn on her forearms
  • Dust Capacity: dust crystals; wind, water, ice, fire, lightning, gravity, earth, and lava
  • Usage: Kapree primarily uses her bangles as a source of dust for use with her semblance, however as a skilled user of both aura and dust she is also capable of using them for pure energy attacks.
  • Notes: Aurea Custodiam means Golden Guardian in Latin.

Notes: none

Semblance Edit

  • User: Kapree Corin
  • Type: Conjuration
  • Purpose: Defensive
  • Short Description: Kapree can manifest her aura as interlocking hexagonal tiles to shield herself and allies from harm
  • Activation Cue: the sound of breaking glass
  • Range: Long Range (up to 100 feet at her current level)
  • General Limitations: The tiles are hard but fragile and will break after absorbing too much force
  • Active Ability: Tier One: At its most basic, Hex Ward allows Kapree to create static tiles out of aura which can protect herself and others from harm, beyond the normal protective capacity of her aura. At this level, she could create and maintain 20 static tiles for a short time
  • Active Ability: Tier Two: User now has limited control over the dimensions of the hexes, allowing them to be connected into elaborate forms, such as a sword, hammer, or suit of armor, among other options. With this level she can freely control the placement of tiles after creating them.
  • Dust Interaction (ice): tiles made of ice which reflect energy and light, freeze anything they are touching when destroyed.
  • Dust Interaction (fire): tiles made of concentrated thermal energy, used primarily as a projectile weapon as they explode on contact.
  • Dust Interaction (wind): tiles are insubstantial and objects will pass through them, however they can be discharged to create a small tornado

from their surface

  • Dust Interaction (water): thicker, fluid tiles which absorb kinetic energy more efficiently and slow anything moving through them.
  • Dust Interaction (lightning): energized tiles which generate an electromagnetic force, can be used to deflect bullets or as a projectile which discharges into anything it touches, delivering a powerful shock.
  • Dust Interaction (gravity): the surface of tiles imbued with gravity dust create a localized gravity well, allowing them to be used for things such as walking up walls or upside down.
  • Dust Interaction (earth): tiles imbued with earth dust solidify into a more permanent form when they make contact with another object, and can be used for creating solid structures; walls, shelters, and so on.
  • Dust Interaction (lava): primarily used when creating weapons out of tiles, obsidian tiles are brittle but razor sharp, commonly configured into the edge of a sword or launched at enemies like cutting disks
  • Notes:Hex Ward is short for Hexagon ward, referring to the shape and protective nature of the tiles.

Trivia Edit

  • Kapree Corin comes from Capricorn, which is often associated with the color white
  • Capri is a shade of blue