This Semblance belongs to JayHart's OC, Mauve Brennie.

  • User: Mauve Brennie
  • Visual Effect: Causes a honeycombed “shield” of the user’s Aura color to appear in the focused direction.
  • Details: Makes the user harder to stagger. When focused, vastly increases physical resistance to stagger/stun effects and to damage from one side of the user’s body – that is, front, back, or sides – at a time. Also reduces the effect of weapon recoil on her body.
  • Dust Applications: Imbues the shielding with the chosen element, causing certain effects on-hit.
    • Wind: Forces the enemy back and away; sometimes may launch them skyward.
    • Burn: Causes an explosion on hit.
    • Stone: Causes the shield to become solid stone.
    • Frost: Causes the shield to become solid ice. May spread ice to the attacker.
    • Lightning: Causes a stunning shock effect on strike.
    • (Others to follow as revealed by RT.)
  • Limitations: Drains Aura when focused; also limits movement while active.
  • Growth Potential: With training, Mauve will be able to rush forward with the semblance active, using it to push through a surprising amount of opposing force.