This Semblance belongs to JayHart's OC, Aurum Segen.

 Golden EyesEdit

  • User: Aurum Segen
  • Short Description: Allows the user to see others' Auras and gauge them, and to detect others via Aura.
  • Visual Effect: Aurum's eyes shine gold upon activation.
  • Details: The user can use this semblance to clearly see other people’s Aura and gauge their strength, even discerning their Semblance when he focuses on them for a time. Further practice will allow the user to judge the target's mood, as well extending the range.  Can be used in low-visibility to easily detect sentient (non-Grimm) targets or allies, or to spot targets through thin cover. With some effort, it can be used to detect Grimm by their utter absence of Aura - they appear as pitch-black shadows with the semblance active.
  • Limitations: Steady Aura drain while in-use. More susceptible to blinding effects.