This weapon belongs to JayHart's OC, Argo Cident.

Gnash and Gnaw Edit

  • Wielder: Argo Cident
  • Maker: Argo Cident
  • Type: Lever-Action Shot Axes (VLSAs)
  • Form: A pair of single-edged war-axes with a spike on the backside. The hilt is curved to double as a grip for the shotgun, while the spike doubles as an enlarged front-sight. The trigger sits by the hilt, with the lever-action doubling as a handguard.
  • Holstered/Sheathed Appearance: Attaches to the harness Argo wears over his jacket. A hidden break just above the grip allows the weapons to collapse for easier transport.
  • Features/Capabilities: Able to switch from one form to the other with great alacrity. Compatible with several different types of ammunition, but primarily uses 10-gague buckshot or Burn Dust rounds. The weapons' magazines are 6-shot revolving chambers (similar to the Shambler shotgun from the game Metro 2033) between the axe head and the grip.
  • Planned/Possibly Upgrades: Argo might attempt to change his VLSAs into Variable Ballistic Chain Axes (VBCAs).
  • Notes: Gnashing teeth Gnaw on bones.