This Semblance belongs to JayHart's OC, Camellia Thorne.

Fading Tones Edit

  • User: Camellia Thorne
  • Short Description: When activated, the area around the user becomes shadowed, and she appears to gradually fade from existence.
  • Visual Effect: Can cause the ambient light around her to change subtly depending on her emotional state, if she is not careful of her feelings. For example, if she is in a good mood, the area around her may seem slightly brighter. If she is embarrassed or sad, it may seem gloomy.
  • Limitations: Not instant; there is a slight delay as the user "fades." Steady moderate Aura drain makes it impractical for use over extended periods of time. Break in concentration or emotional control can cause the semblance to fail, or even backfire and draw attention to the user by "highlighting" the user's immediate area. Not useful in combat, as swift movement normally causes it to waver and fail (some exceptions with extreme concentration, but that level of focus reduces awareness of surroundings). The user still has physical form, and can be discovered by touch or other senses. Slightly less effective against low-light or night vision.
  • Notes: Based partly on the visual effect of entering sneak in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (or ESO), when the area around the player character turns dark once they are hidden.