This Semblance belongs to JayHart's OC, Ash Westwind.

Elemental BurstEdit

  • User: Ash Westwind
  • Short Description: Creates a localized upward microburst strong enough to launch a grown man of average weight (~190 lb). Can be modified by Dust.
  • Visual Effect: A silver glyph with swirling designs appears upon activation. The glyph color may change based on Dust use.
  • Details: Places a glyph on a surface that generates a powerful single-direction burst of wind strong enough to launch (for example) a person of around skyward. Glyph size and duration is variable based on Aura application.
    • Tier 1: Able to launch a grown man roughly two-stories high (or several sideways). Weak Dust application.
    • Tier 2: Able to launch a grown man up to four stories high, and can cause a vortex effect around the base, drawing in nearby targets. Moderate Dust effects, and may summon multiple smaller glyphs.
    • Tier 3: Able to launch a grown man five stories high or more, and can cause a powerful vortex effect. May summon numerous small glyphs or multiple standard-sized glyphs. Powerful Dust effects.
  • Dust Applications: The default elemental attribute is wind, but that can be changed by applying Dust.
    • Wind: Increases the amount of weight/height able to be moved, up to more than double depending on the amount of Dust used. Ash uses this most frequently, to get himself or others up to higher points.
    • Burn: Causes a vortex of flame to appear that draws in nearby targets. Cannot discriminate between targets; draws in all. The draw can be resisted fairly easily by Aura users.
    • Stone: Causes the earth to erupt beneath the glyph, leaving a large chunk of stone jutting out. Cannot be used on upper floors of a building or on water, for obvious reasons (though it can be used from the floor of a body of water to "create land"). Ash can use this to create "stairs" on a cliff-side, or to create obstacles on the battlefield.
    • Frost: Causes a spike of ice to erupt from the glyph, encasing anything else within the glyph in ice. easily shattered from the outside, and relatively simple to dodge.
    • Lightning: Causes a localized electrical explosion, accompanied by short-range temporary EMP effect.
    • More types to follow as revealed
  • Limitations: Aura drain proportionate to use, depending on the force applied (versus the weight moved). Increased Aura drain with Dust use. Glyphs must be placed on a (mostly) flat surface. Increasing the duration of the Semblance effect drains a substantial amount of Aura.