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Lord MK II


caves, forests, abandoned villages


3 feet to 7 feet


needle like teeth, minimal armor, advanced pack intinct


Thrall (small) Ghoul (mid) Lord (large)


The Dhampir is a rare species of grimm, long believed to have been wiped out by a large scale hunt several decades ago

Appearance Edit

While their shape resembles that of a humans, everything is slightly off, as though they had been stretched too thin. Featureless faces stare back from bulbous grimm masks, a malevolent cunning shining from behind their soulless eyes. a thin slit on ther mask betrays the location of a small mouth, when opened their razorlike teeth are revealed

Tactics Edit

Dhampir tend to move in large swarms, operating out of a primary concealed nest, often within a cave or canyon. The main tactic used for dealing with them is to locate the nest and deploy explosive ordnance within while they are in hiding.

When forced to face a Dhampir swarm in combat, a huntsman must never stop moving, or they will likely be overwhelmed by the dozens of thralls leading the charge, while larger ghouls will lash out at immobilized prey, attempting to strangle the target or bite onto them, often leaving behind shards of bone to slow the healing process and prolong suffering.

Behavior Edit

Dhampir are smarter than many grimm, with Lords being able to coordinate ambush attacks among the nest, often lying in wait for days, motionless, until they can strike all at once. Extremely pack minded, all members of a swarm will attempt to protect the others by disrupting incoming attacks. It is not unheard of for elder Dhampir to actively attempt to disarm huntsman, having enough reasoning skill to identify weapons and prioritize the removal of the threat.

The best way to combat a swarm is to ignore the smaller thralls and target the 4-8 man-sized ghouls in the nest, being larger and more armored, as they are known to be leaders, when the ghoul falls the swarms ambush will rapidly devolve into chaos. In the event a full nest is encountered, up to three much larger Lords will be present, and it is absolutely critical they be disposed of first, as the Lord is stronger and more heavily armored than its underlings, with each individually being a notable threat.

Notes Edit

This breed prefers to stalk weak individuals or wait in ambush, Known to gather in crevices and caves for days or weeks before attacking villages. a swarm of Dhampir can make entire settlements disappear overnight with no trace, which has lead to a wide spread effort to locate and eradicate a many nests as possible.