You'd think from a first look that it's a zombie in how it acts. It slowly wades through the land, through villages, cities... Paying no heed to anything around it. Then it will do something surprising... Something that's more than just an "accident". Something that only a being with a conscious or awareness of itself could do. That's what baffles me about this unique specimen, and is why I intend to study it, over vouch for destroying it.
— Unknown

Deus Irae


  • Forests (While young)
  • Mountain Ranges (When older)

Bonelike covering over its body, with jagged spines running down its back.

Deus Irae (Meaning "God of Wrath" in Latin) is a Saurian Grimm variant.


Being based on a Saurian creature's biology, Irae stands in a bipedal fashion, with digitigrade hind limbs, and shorter, more humanoid front limbs, ending off with four fingers, each possessing a large claw. The creature stands in a more upright, but slouched fashion, akin to early scientific depictions of dinosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus rex.

A large row of dorsal spines, and a subset of spikes run down Irae's back, being almost blade-like in appearance, with an accompanying large amount of white bone-like armor running down its back underneath them. This row of spines ends with a large spike on the tip of the tail.

Small pockets of white plate-like armor is scattered over the beast's body, mainly around the joints and larger exposed areas, such as the thighs. The creature's chest is somewhat bare, although, certain specimens have shown a developed ribcage.

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Irae can be observed as almost zombie-like in nature, doing what it does with an almost "docile" demeanor, while the underlying nature of hostility still remains. This perception of a docile creature mainly comes from how methodically it moves, on top of its generally slow movement speed. Although, the idea of slowness is shattered upon viewing how large the Irae's strides are.

Author's NotesEdit

  • Artwork was created by Exvnir.
  • The creature's original name of "Deus Statera" (God of Balance) was created with help from CreedKeeper25.