If you lose sight you may as well be dead, so eyes locked at all time.
— unknown

This grimm was created by Phantomlink959 with help from SpiritedDreaming

Overview Edit

Classification Edit

Abomination grimm

Threat Level Edit

A to S

Appearance Edit

A goats head and body, with curling ram horns. Eight spidery legs protrude from its body as well as a long, flexible tail tipped by a sickle-like plate that is supremely sharp.

Ability Edit

Strengths Edit

Fast, strong, and heavily armored. Chimera are considered among the highest danger levels of grimm that can be fought b a single fully trained huntsman, possessing high agility and physical strength, as well as the ability to scale most vertical terrain. A chimera's tail has a blade able to rip through steel armor with ease.

Weaknesses Edit

The Chimera, for all its power, has numerous exploitable weak points. The joint where the tail joins its torso is unarmored to allow for extreme flexibility, leaving it vulnerable to being cut off. Each leg has three exposed joints which can be damaged easily, and the eyes have little to no defensive measures.

Combat Edit

When fighting a Chimera the most important thing is to remain aware at all times. The chimera is a cunning ambush predator and will often attempt to break the enemies line of sight to regain combat advantage. A Chimera's greatest strength is its tail, a deadly weapon offering multiple uses, however this strength is limited when in tight quarters by its sheer size and as such cornering on can be a worthwhile -if risky- plan of attack.

Habitat Edit

The Chimera prefers old ruins and battlegrounds, but will dwell in caves as well. Due to their sheer size and brute strength this species of grimm will often destroy its own dwellings when nesting. While a Chimera will rarely be seen in the company of others of its breed they are never without allies, more often than not cohabiting with a Boneweaver swarm, protecting the smaller arachnids while they maintain whatever structure the chimera dwells in. Should the Chimera elect to assault human fortifications, the swarm will follow in its wake, demolishing buildings and picking off those which survive the Chimera's wrath.