This Semblance belongs to JayHart's OC, Cerise Sangestre

Bard's SoulEdit

  • User: Cerise Sangestre
  • Short Description: Allows the user to affect (buff or debuff) listeners via music. More powerful when stationary.
  • Visual Effect: Causes musical notes to appear in the surrounding air. If stationary and focusing, a music-note glyph may also appear on the ground beneath her.
  • Details: Allows the user to affect listeners by playing music on an instrument or by singing (or both for greater effect). Primary use is "buffing" allies or "debuffing" enemies, though it can also evoke certain emotions in listeners. A maximum of two effects (or two "buff effects" and one "emotional effect" may be active at a time in any combination. Possible effects include increasing or decreasing target(s)'s: speed/reflexes, physical strength, endurance, mental endurance/focus, or perception. The effect persists for as long as the song/music continues, and a brief time afterward.
  • Limitations: The more powerful the song the user plays or sings (ie, the more Aura that goes into it) the less the user is able to focus on other things, such as moving. Consistent use over an extended time can significantly drain the users Aura and potentially cause damage to vocal chords. Simultaneously buffing allies and debuffing enemies is difficult, and can backfire or apply both effects to both sides. Applying two effects at once is (of course) doubly taxing on both Aura and body/mind. The semblance can only apply effects up to +/- one-half of the target's normal ability 'stats' (ie, can only speed up by +50%, or slow by 50%, etc.) unless at maximum level of focus (ie, stationary and focusing solely on semblance use).